Gritt's Farm {Buffalo, WV}

Here at the Winter Ranch, we are always looking for more family traditions!
With that being said, we were recently told about Gritt's Farm.  
My best friend from college was here visiting so we made the voyage just to have something to do. 
It didn't take long to realize that Gritt's Farm will be on our family's Fall Bucket List for years to follow!

Notice the large black pipe slide - it dumps you into a shed full of corn!

 For all of you on Pinterest searching for sensory bins... this is the best idea I have ever saw! 

{ mini tractor trailer ride }


This bike picture makes me laugh every time I look at it!

I won!!!  I won!!!  I won!!!

Rob sure is a character; he makes our lives so much fun!

 While we waited on the hayride to begin, Daddy brought us our cooler of snacks and bought some kettle corn.

The hayride stopped and everyone got to shoot apples out of sling shots!

Apparently the apples were super yummy.  Kensley ate hers instead of catapulting it!

Get ready... Get set...

 Fire... and CRASH!!!

*Sadly, his little apples didn't clear the fence *

I surprised myself with my sling shot abilities.  Maybe it's my hidden talent.

Remember we live in West Virginia, right?  Home to crazy rednecks, some of which are great engineers.

. . . Rob shot apples out of high powered cannons . . .

Rob's favorite part about the day was the kettle corn.  Nolan's too!

In case you are in the market for plants, Gritt's Farm also had a wide variety of flowers very reasonably priced.

Until next year...


Jennifer said...

On a slide like that is how I fractured my leg! Awesome pictures!

Christy K. said...

I am soooo glad you guys made it out there! And yes, a definite yearly tradition in the making! And, we hit it at just the right time! I heard the following few weeks there have been over 200 people there at a time, school trips and everything!