Pasta Painting

WARNING: This post contains pictures of our littles in their underwear.
At the Winter Ranch, they keep it real; even with their clothes off.
{Let's just all pretend that they are wearing their swimsuits}

It's no surprise that Nolan loves to paint!

It seems that most times, the sensory activity is what is best for Kensley... but not today.

PASTA and PAINT... two of Nolan's favorite things!


 The concept is simple.  Put cooked/cooled noodles in paint and then fling on paper to make an abstract design.

 For those of you who are curious, the kittens are doing great outside.  
They don't adventure around the property as much as we would like,
 but having found evidence this weekend of a 5+ foot snake in the barn, 
maybe it's best they stick close to the house.  

At any rate, the kids constantly have to pick them up and tote them around.
Kensley couldn't resist picking up Stella... even with her paint covered hands.


The best part?  Clean up was a breeze!

If you used styrofoam plates for the paint, you could roll up the mess in the wrapping paper and throw it ALL away in 15 seconds flat.

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