Nolan is 3! {Mario Party}

After months of planning a construction themed party,
at the last minute Nolan decided that he would rather have a MARIO PARTY!

{ Next time you are at a Dollar Store you *must* grab a package of stick-on mustaches; they were too fun! }

With several recent stressors arising in our lives, I decided it would be best if we just went with the easy route and ordered the Mario decorations and supplies online.  I found exactly what I wanted, placed my order and anxiously waited for everything to arrive. 

And I waited... and I waited... and I waited... AND THEY NEVER CAME!  

Through a series of bold emails by yours truly, I discovered the eBay seller waited a week before she shipped our order.  

So the night before the party I began frantically trying to come up with something, anything, that represented Mario.  Note to self:  In the future, I will continue to make my own decorations; guess I like being in control of my parties more than I thought!

Even though I was distraught over not having my usual type of party for Nolan, he could have cared less.  
He simply wanted people to come, eat hot dogs and bring him presents!

Nolan received several BOY dress up outfits - I'm saving those pictures for an upcoming post!

Even though he's now THREE - he still won't give up his 'little blankies' as he calls them!

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