National Talk Like A Pirate Day {September 19}

We don't really do skulls and I view weapons for warfare but I remembered
 (thankfully the day before National Talk Like A Pirate Day)
 how much fun the kids had at the library last year!

So... I jumped in with both feet and let the kids pick up some pirate clothing.
Thank you Walmart for selling such great sets for $6!

The library had several games and crafts set up for the kids to enjoy.
Last year was great... this year was even better.

{ Spinning the pirate ship wheel to determine what loot they won }

{ Scrolls filled with words and phrases that Pirates might say }

 Kensley successfully walked the plank without the sharks getting her and earned 2 necklaces from the treasure chest.

 This simple game was very clever!  There were 3 pirate ships held up by stacked cups. 
Nolan had three black cannon balls and threw them at the ship trying to sink it.  
As you can see, he hit one and got to pick another prize!

 The library generously gave out some gold; candy in gold wrappers like mini Hershey bars and Rolos.
They are working on a special project with this photo prop.
 I can't wait to see the magic behind the green screen.

 Kensley had to show off her Sammy bird to the other parrot!

Nolan's.  Face.  Cracks.  Me.  Up.  

A special thanks to Melissa for making our library experience so much fun today!

I received a late-night text from my sweet friend Dana informing me that
Krispy Kreme was giving away free donuts for patrons dressed as pirates.
Since we had appointments in the big city I figured we might as well celebrate with them too!

 The franchise even made special donuts for the event!

 No.  Your eyes aren't failing you.  They gave us TWO dozen free donuts since both of the littles were dressed up!

Kensley was just so excited to get to take Sammy with her on such a special adventure!

  {Pirate coloring sheets}

Be sure to notice Nolan's button; the library gave us those as well!

***  Check.  Out.  Our.  Little.  Star.  ***

When I saw the news anchor walk into the donut shop, I broke out in hives and quickly began gathering our items.  
My attempt to sneak out the back door failed when Kensley told Troy that she wanted to be on the news.  
We have been working on Godly Characters as part of our school - this week we learned about the COURAGE of David and Goliath.
This little girl of ours is braver than me. 


{Mom caught the news clip on her cell phone; waiting for Eyewitness News to send me the internet link to share with you.}

None of us actually ate ANY of the donuts; we paid it forward and blessed an office staff
that has served as a community of cheerleaders to Kensley for over a year!

Later, we took advantage of our last Pirate deal - FREE chicken planks from Long John Silver!


{ Stay tuned for more pictures from an upcoming Pirate Play Date }

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Christy K. said...

Cannot wait to get out that way and do all these fun things with you guys!