Nana Had A Heart Attack

Has someone ever done something really nice for you and it took you by surprise?

Maybe it's a smile from stranger.
Maybe someone sends you a little happy mail.
Maybe an old friend treats you to lunch.
Maybe your BFF picks you up something while she is shopping.

It doesn't matter what it is... we all like to feel special.

Countless memories have been made over the past few months after church on Sunday afternoons with Nana.

God has recently put it on my heart to make sure that Rob's Mom knows just how special she is!

Today after CC, we 'heart attacked' Nana's car.
{She works at a high security spark plug plant but luckily
the cute kids in the back seat helped get us past security.}

Clearly the kids thought it was silly being on a top secret mission to Make.  Nana's.  Day.

{Yes.  Nana has the same car as us.  What can we say?  We are a HONDA family!}

If you have never given someone a 'heart attack' before, it's simple.
Get some bright paper and cut out some heart shapes.
Write random tidbits about them that will make them smile.
Using low adhesive tape and putting them only on glass, decorate their vehicle.

And anyone knows that another way to make Nana's feel super special is to have recent pictures
to carry around in their brag books.  The only problem is, we didn't have ANY pictures of all five cousins. 

Cambreigh, Maddox, Gavin, Nolan, Kensley

After church I snapped this shot of the kids.  A special shout out goes to Rob for getting
all FIVE of them look and smile at the same time.  What can I say; he's pretty swell!

Stair steps - 5 kids within a 6 year span

Showing off their muscles; boys will be boys!

Let's not forget the girly-girls!

Top Five Reasons Kensley Loves Nana
She has her own stand up popcorn machine
She listens to my stories
She has silly games on her iPod
She plays Lalaloopsys 
She buys the best cow tails

I challenge you this week to make someone... anyone... feel special!

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