Ice Cream Dough

Since it seems like everyone is on Pinterest now, I struggle with thinking that I found cool ideas,
 only to realize that the activity is already on all of my friend's boards.  And then, it hit me.

Just because so-and-so pinned the idea doesn't mean that they will actually do it with their kids.
And... if our kids have never got to experience the activity before,
 it's brand-spankin' new to them and they might just love it!

Ice Cream Dough

1 1/2 cup corn starch
3/4 cup hair conditioner

It was super simple to make, super cheap, and super fun. 
{Our family's personal sensory requirements}

A while back, using coupons, I scored kids shampoo for FREE.
It worked out PERFECTLY since I had coconut (white) and strawberry (pink).
I simply added some cocoa and instantly had chocolate ice cream.

The colors worked out well, but the fragrances were awesome!

Since the recipe contains corn starch it kind of melted after it was left unattended for a while.
Just another fun touch that made their pretend play seemed more real.

Oh, Poor Stella.  I am sorry Kensley tried to force feed you sprinkles.
She kept insisting that you love them as much as she does!

 As with all of our messy memories, the clean up was a chore!

“Where do you learn how to make ice-cream?”

Sundae School!!


Melinda said...

You have the best crafts! I guess I need to check out pinterest more often because I haven't seen the ice cream yet!

Christy K. said...
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Christy K. said...

You are so funny! And, if you know me at all, just because I've pinned it doesn't mean I've done it! ;)