The Kindess Of A Stranger {Pay It Forward}

Kensley received money for her Chevron Spa Birthday.  She immediately knew what she wanted.  

A Jewel Sparkle Lalaloopsy with crazy hair.  

I assured her the following week that I would take her to town and help her buy one with her Birthday money.

The next week quickly came and we couldn't find a Jewel Sparkle anywhere.
I began calling every store imaginable in a 100 mile radius of us... with no luck.

I then learned that this particular doll had already been retired and was no longer being sold in stores.

Great.  Just great.  How am I supposed to explain this?

Kensley handled the sad news well and said, "That's okay Mama - you can buy me one on eBay!"
{We didn't even know that she knew what eBay really was.}

I frantically searched on my phone in a random McDonald's parking lot for a Jewel Sparkles auction.  
It didn't have many bids yet, so I put in an offer and tried to keep Kensley distracted for the remainder of the afternoon.  
Those of you who know Kensley, once she gets something in her mind, that's all she wants to talk about!

Later that evening, the auction was almost ready to end and we logged in on Rob's computer.
With just seconds left, we began to explain that sometimes in life you don't win. 
We counted down the seconds... 27... 26... 25... 24...
I said a quick prayer if this was the doll that was meant for her, to let her win!
 SHE WON!!!   SHE WON!!!   SHE WON!!!

She was so tickled, she began calling family members and telling them the great news.

What.  a.  blessing.  to. win.  on.  her.  first.  auction.
{ cell phone picture }

Jewel Sparkles arrived... with a friend...

Then, it hit me, there has been a terrible mistake!
I texted Rob the above picture, as a million things were racing through my mind.

This must be an error.  Was it worth to pay to ship it back?
Now that Kensley saw the doll, shipping it back wasn't an option.

I logged on to my eBay account to draft the seller a letter about the mishap and I had a message waiting.
I then read that she, "Shipped the doll and added a surprise.  Enjoy!"

Ummmm... my heart skipped a beat.  That meant this was on purpose.

Not only did we get the doll with the accessories that the auction was for,
 we also received another doll, pet and hair accessories... for FREE!

I.  Was.  Overwhelmed.  With.  Joy. 

Through tear-filled eyes, I drafted a message back describing just how special of a transaction this was.

In return, Sherri, the seller, shared her heart.

"A few years ago things went very wrong for me and I found that I had several angels in my life that I didn't know about.  
They saw me through tough times and I promised to pay it forward whenever I got the chance. 
Some of the best joys a person can receive in life is giving to others and your e-mail touched our hearts."

Wow is right!  It just goes to show that GOOD PEOPLE STILL DO EXSIST!


That was on Tuesday... flash forward to Friday

After getting Nolan a MUCH NEEDED hair cut and running errands in town, we returned home to find a box on our porch.  

Hmmm... that's weird... I hadn't ordered anything.  I looked down at the box... 


... my heart skipped a beat...  I instantly recognized the address.  Bummer.  

The lady that sold us the Jewel Sparkles doll must have accidently shipped a package to the wrong address.

Upon spotting the box Kensley, shouted "REDLIPSTICK63" which was the lady's screen name.
Gotta' love a kid with a photographic memory!


I grabbed my camera and let her open the box.  After all, it did have her name on it.
{Nolan was thrilled over his marshmallows he got at the grocery store and wouldn't put them down.
Yes.  Kensley went to town dressed as a ballerina, with a boa and fancy ring.}

Do you see all of these goodies!?!?

They were totally unexpected.

They were totally free.

They were totally a game-changer for all of us this week.

Kensley cried.  

Sure, her big emotions allow her to cry often, but rarely does she cry because she is touched.
She cried because generous strangers, a generous little girl and her Mama,
 put the greed of money over making someone's day!

Her poster that hangs on her bulliten board where she collects little sentiments from her pen pals.

I love seeing how Kensley plays with these little dolls; the mermaid in the bathtub is my favorite!


New curtains, a new lunch box with her Lalaloopys and her fancy trash can.

Months ago when I started redoing Kensley's room, and she chose blue I was baffled.
It has never made sense to me why she wanted to incorporate blue.
She likes pink... she has never liked blue.

The moment I saw the curtains, it hit me.
THEY were the reason that we were supposed to have blue in her room.
God knew that our lives would later be touched by strangers whose hearts are so large they can't be measured.

I'm thrilled to be serving an awesome God who knows the future!

Thanks Sherry and Jackie!

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Christy K. said...

Wow. What a testimony!

Also glad to see that Kensley is getting use out of the Lalaloopsy hair braids ;)