Stella and Piper {First Pets}

I had been praying for God to change my heart about getting a pet for Kensley.
I've recently spent some time researching the benefits of children and pets.  It couldn't hurt to try, right?
I approached Rob and within a short period of time, he agreed that now would be an okay time to adopt a cat.

Kensley has told us her very specific list that she wanted for a cat.

Calico (with lots of white)
Short Haired
No tail

Yep.  You read that right.  She didn't want her kitten to have a tail.

Fearing this was going to be like finding a needle in a haystack, I asked my cousin Talia
to post something for us on her Face Book page and see if any of her friends could help us out.

I received a text from a lady, Georgie, stating that she had a litter of kittens.
They were cute, but I didn't have the heart to tell her that Kensley wanted one without a tail.
Georgie later mentioned that the Dad was a bobtail and 2 of the kittens were without tails.

Thank.  You.  Jesus.  For.  Providing.  Kensley's.  Every.  Desire!


After grabbing a few necessities, we proceeded to make a little oasis for the new kitten in the laundry room.
Georgie made the suggestion of us adopting TWO cats.  Reluctantly, I told Rob about the idea assuming he would say no.
When Georgie offered to pay for the second cat's shots and spay fee, we began to seriously talk it over.


These girls were best friends and it only made sense to keep them together.
And.  Fair.  Is.  Fair.  We have 2 kids, so we kind of needed 2 cats, right?


On the way to Ms. Georgie's house, Kensley continued to read a cat encyclopedia 
while Nolan looked at pictures of the kittens that she had sent earlier in the day. 


The kids quickly decided on their favorite kittens and we were on our way to my parent's house to show them our new additions!

Kensley named her kitten Stella and thinks her cutie mark above her lip is simply fantastic!

Poor Stella has been put through the ringer; most days she has hourly outfit changes.

Stella has also grown accustomed to being carried in a makeup bag that Kensley received as a Birthday gift.


Piper, Nolan's kitty, is more energetic and is always searching for trouble.

It is pointless to try and keep the kittens in Kensley's school room.

Piper can escape with record speed; four clicks of my camera's shutter to be exact.


Knowing that the ultimate goal is for the cats to catch mice and moles around the Winter Ranch, 
we have taken them outside so they can adjust to their upcoming life style.

For the most part, Piper just cries and follows Rob around.
See those little teeth?  They are like little daggers that stab into your toes when you least expect it!

{Their new home this fall}

Just as every other cat we have had, the kittens love Rob.
Kensley always has Stella within an arm's reach, but Piper has really taken a liking to Rob.
I assure you that he is a cat whisperer.  They always like him the most!

Had you been a fly on the wall at our house this past week, you were sure to hear things like:

Leave.  Stella.  Alone.
Stop.  Holding.  Her.  Down.
Quit.  Touching.  Her.  Nose.
Kensley.  Stop.  Eating.  Kitty.  Litter.
You.  Are.  Finished.  Dressing.  Her.  Up.
She.  Doesn't.  Like.  To.  Be.  Carried.  Like.  That.
Be.  Nice.  Or.  I.  Will.  Take.  The.  Kitties.  Away.
Leave.  Piper's.  Tail.  Alone.  It.  Isn't.  Coming.  Off.
No.  I.  Can't.  Make.  Her.  Watch.  TV.  With.  You.
Kensley.  I.  Am.  Serious.  Stop.  Eating.  Kitty.  Litter.
Please.  Stop.  Smearing.  The.  Cat.  All.  Over.  Your.  Face.
Don't.  Kiss.  Her.  Mouth.  You.  Realize.  She.  Licks.  Her.  Bottom.  Right?

Thankfully things have drastically calmed down and the kids are beginning to
enjoy watching the cats play verses always having to hold them 24/7.

This afternoon, Kensley told us that, "Daddy is my best friend, but Stella comes next!"

We dropped this note off to Ms. Georgie today.
We are so appreciative for the time and energy she spent investing into our little feline friends.


macebabe said...

Kensley reading the cat encyclopedia is ADORABLE!

Christy K. said...

Your most used words paragraph made me laugh so hard!

Too awesome!