Random Summer Fun 2013

The title says it all.  

This is a random post full of random pictures, in no particular order.

Our summer has been fun and extremely busy and somewhat humorous!
{ There are simply no words to describe some of the photos below. }

Nolan, in dress shoes, on the wrong feet, 2 sizes too big, wearing his underwear backwards, trying to keep Piper from attacking Hissy, the plastic snake.

Cool Story!  Obviously I had let Kenlsey paint a turtle's shell before
and when the kids found this little guy, they begged to paint him as well.  Why not, huh?

A few weeks later, our sweet 84 year old neighbor called to report the turtle she found in her back yard!

We attended a family reunion and Kensley said, "My belly hurts... I ate too much!"


Kensley sang a special song at church

Against her will, I made her pose by the road in the wildflowers... that the state road plants... making them NOT wild!

Lunch at Panera.  Yes.  Cookies are an acceptable lunch!

Nolan's first... and ONLY... day of school this summer!

Another lunch date at Panera... those cookies are just too good to pass up.

And now... for my favorite 2 pictures from this summer!

Nolan's 'ring bling'.

Poopy day at the park... literally.

I hope that you laughed as much as we did with our little family over the past few months!

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