* Pottery Place *

Last week, Kenlsey got invited to meet her friends, Lexi and Bre, for a very special playdate.

We had never been to The Pottery Place in Charleston but I am sure we will return again soon!


For days prior, Kensley kept insisting that she was going to paint a unicorn.
I was elated when I walked through the door and spotted one and it only cost $11!

A quick picture before the girls got started.

{I would LOVE to have a craft room like this in my house!}

Painting was a little tricky.  As you can see in the photo on the left, the paint dries very light, almost like chalk.
To make it even more of a challenge, it is suggested that you paint three coats.  Hard for little, unsteady, hands.

In true Kensley fashion, she had to pick paint that would change/glitter.


What a FUN experience this was!

The girls are always so enthusiastic to hug each other goodbye.

Today, 7 days later, her precious unicorn was ready to be picked up.
Wahoo!  Kensley had been counting down the days!

{Before & After}

Notice the glitter spots in unicorn's mane?

 Seriously.  I.  Mean.  Seriously.  This.  Girl.  Loves.  To.  Shop.
You can see her beaming with pride while holding her very own bag.

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Sherri Stahlman said...

What a great job she did! Beautiful!!!!