National Lemonade Day { Kensley's PINK Lemonade Stand }

For months, yes, I mean months, Kensley has asked to have a lemonade stand.
Rob and I agreed that she could have one, but scheduling it never seemed to be a priority.
Last week my Mom texted me stating that August 20th was National Lemonade Day.
That was the perfect day to have a little lemonade stand!

The invitations Kensley passed out!
(design source unknown)

Nothing says lemonade stand like lemon themed clothes, right?

Oh my dear son.  You are your Daddy made over!
I can't wait for you to turn back into the calm child you once were.

Kensley had only two requests for her stand:

1) That she would get to take orders and give her customers receipets.
2) That the doll she wanted to purchase with her lemonade money would be on display.

Kensley's most gracious tippers!

Pop Pop stopped by after work and paid with this special dollar.

When the next person tracks it, it will say it was earned at Kensley's Lemonade Stand in Ripley, WV.

Kensley showing Dad the doll she was hoping to earn enough money for.

She wrote lots, and lots, and lots of receipts!

Kensley was thrilled for her friends Lexi and Bre to get to come...
dressed in their adorable Gymboree dresses, of course!

Nolan drank most of Kensley's profit, but his reaction to Grandmother and Granddaddy
sending a letter with a donation was priceless.  He instantly jammed the money in his pockets!

Yah!  Yah!  Yah!

Kensley made enough for her Marina Lalaloopsy doll and Nolan will get a treat as well.

A special thanks goes to my Mom for helping clean everything up.

I will admit that this simple lemonade stand actually took a lot of work, but I knew it would be worth it!

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