Ice Cream Party Play Date

Today, Kensley and a few friends gathered for an ice cream inspired play date!
This was the easiest event that I've thrown together using free printables from Pottery Barn Kids.

Each girl got a paint pallet sprinkle holder to decorate their own cookies.
Since our group has serious food allergies, this was the best way to keep everyone's food saperate and safe!

{ fortune teller folding directions found here }

When the girls arrived, Kensley had them pick cards.  On the back of the cards were numbers.
The numbers corresponded with the order in which they would get to choose their ruffle aprons.

Of course, Kensley insisted that she got the pink chevron one.  Imagine that, huh?

Breanna, Kensley, Braylie, Lexington

Seeing these little cuties all smiling totally made staying up late at night sewing the aprons worth it!

{ Aren't they adorable holding hands? }

Yes, that's a pile of frosting with another pile of sprinkles on top.
Most importantly, Kensley ate her masterpieces without hesitation!

{ This is what I envisioned the cookies looking like; guess I forgot how much little girls love frosting }

Candy-covered ice cream cones were next!

You know it's a good play date when everyone is wearing ice cream cones
on their heads as hats running, screaming, through your house!

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