Dig Into Reading {Ripley Library}

This summer the kids enjoyed the reading program at our local library.
Our family participates in the library's special events every chance we get!

Kensley enjoyed the privilege of bringing Abby along with us and read her a story before the first class began.  


Each kid got to make their own worm farm... and Kensley met a special little girl named Braylie who she quickly became friends with.  
Braylie has turned into the BEST pen pal ever; sending little letters and packages every week!

Kensley hates bugs... but somehow loves worms!

This event was about dinosaur fossils.


The girls enjoyed making their own masterpieces but were too small to do the real project.

Our little girl sure does love to read!

Hands down, this was our kids favorite activity!

The library staff had containers of sand with gems and fools gold hidden that the kids got to dig for.

Yes.  Those are real shark teeth!

The kids designed their own treasure chests to take their goodies home in.

This summer has been filled with lots of reading, lots of learning and lots of fun!

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