CC Cycle 2 {First Day}

After orientation last week, yesterday was Kensley's FIRST DAY of class!

Over the weekend, Kensley and Nana worked on a simple board for her presentation about herself.
She included: a picture of her shoes, crazy glasses, Doritos, Stella, candy, Lalaloopsy, and a Pinkalicious book.

Nolan joined us today and went to class in the nursery.  I seriously think he was more excited Kensley!

Lexington, Kensley & Breanna

Working on some hand motions for her memory work and her first public presentation.  She.  Did.  Amazing!

At the end of the day, if Kensley doesn't have any behavior issues, she gets to pick a prize.  
I love that Ms. Ashley has 2 separate bags; one for the girls and one for the boys.  
Today Kensley picked a "diamond bracelet".

After lunch the kids have time for free play.
I have already emailed Rachel's Mama asking to see if she could email this picture of the kids that Rachel took.
If you look closely, Nolan is in there too! 

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