Boss For The Day {Nolan}

Saturday was Nolan's special day to be the boss.  I had a baby shower to go to in the morning,
but we packed in a lot of fun in the afternoon to make up for the lost time!

First up, the boss chose to go to McDonald's for lunch.

{Note Nolan's pin - Kensley handed down the badge of honor}

Next, we went to Quantum Sports where we were invited to a party with several inflatables!

We got pretty hot around the jump houses, so we cooled off with some ice cream at a local ice cream shop.

I.  Love.  These.  Spoons.

Not only are they orange, making them super cool, the shape was unique!
On our way out of the shop I asked for 2 more... I have a plan for them.

Notice the funky chairs?  I would love to have something similar to these in Kensley's new school room.

... Caught stealing candy ice cream from a baby ...

 {Our little sleeping beauty}  Kensley thought that orange couch was pretty comfy.

We headed down the interstate a ways and stopped at one of the coolest parks we have ever been to!

Nolan just wanted to make sure that everyone knew... MEEEEE THEEEEE BOSSSSSSSSS!

As a treat, the boss got to choose a movie to watch on the drive home.
I never let them watch a DVD in the car... Nolan was in awe!

The boss, made his final decision to sleep in the floor in Kensley's room!

Do you wonder what my favorite part of Nolan being the boss?

Instead of him saying "Me the boss today"
He kept saying, "Me the boss toupe"

Being the boss for the day was a fun tradition that the kids are already looking forward to for next summer.
Next time, we will probably make them both the boss for the same day!

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