Boss For The Day {Kensley}

Being a kid is hard.

Most parents won't admit it, but I see how challenging it can be for our little ones on a daily basis.
I am constantly telling them what to, what not to do, and how to do it.
I realize I we are strict parents; I'm cool with that.
We are helping to disciple them to build foundations for their futures.

I must remember that they are only little once, so this week we started a few family tradition.

The kids each got to be the boss for the day!

Friday was Kensley's day to be boss.  She had the necklace to prove and she wasn't afraid to remind us!

When I asked her what she wanted to do her list was kind of sad.

She wanted to pick what she ate for breakfast. (she does this every day)
She wanted to pick what she wore. (she does this every day)
She wanted to pick what show she watched. (she does this every day)
and... she wanted to use adult scissors... random... but doable!

We sat down together and made a little list of some fun or different things she could do... because she was the boss!

 She chose pink strawberry shortcake cookies, on a fancy plate, for breakfast!

After breakfast, Kensley was ready for a pink bubble bath with shaving cream and pink water beads.


When you are 5, being the boss for the day is a pretty big deal,
so Kensley Facetimed Nana to tell her the exciting news!

This picture makes me smile.  Kensley is showing Nana her necklace...
and Nolan wanted to show off his un-popped bag of popcorn!

We have a very strict food policy.  If you are eating; you are sitting at the kitchen table.
No exceptions... unless your little girl is the boss, then food on the floor flies at the Winter Ranch!

Yes.  I let her ride her bike in the kitchen.  Why not?  She was the boss!

Kensley has been asking for days to go to Rob's work.
I had given her every excuse imaginable, but today was her day, so I had to give in.
Although the dirt and germs totally freak me out at the shop, she loved having lunch with her Daddy and Pop Pop.

{Shooting mini apples out of a water bottle }

Clearly she was wearing my shoes. 

Kensley persuaded me to turn around while driving home and make a quick stop at Dairy Queen.

Hello.  Red.  Dye.  40.  Grrrrr!

And finally, the activity she had been waiting on all day.

Using.  Adult.  Scissors.

Print your own CRAZY GLASSES!

Kensley enjoys card/board games... probably because she wins every time!

The day finally came that she got to ride her new bike at Cedar Lakes for the first time.

{ Separate blog post to come soon; too many cute pictures to jam in this post. }

Of course there was lots of snuggles with the kitties, and then she headed to my Mom and Dad's for a slumber party.

Her favorite part about being the boss?
The pink bubble bath!

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