Absolutely, Positively, Everything Is Going To Be Alright {Jitter Glitter}

I have continued to home school Kensley, but this year she has joined a group/community called Classical Conversations, or CC for short.  
We meet every Monday from 9-12 in a town about 40 minutes away.
Their motto is to know Christ and make Him known.

On the first day of CC orientation, I placed a little surprise in Kensley's room.

Dear Crayola, Thank you for listening to our little girl's wish to have a box of crayons with all PINK.
Get ready stock holders, business is about to boom!

I love that our kids have no expectations.
She was shocked to have received a small gift.
The little surprise was a big deal to her!

At the last second, Kensley had an outfit change.
This is not the shirt I had planned for her to wear on her first day.
Rather, it was a recent find at a consignment sale that I thought fit her personality perfect.

I didn't make a fuss over the long sleeved shirt on a 85 degree day.
I wanted her to be comfortable.  If it meant wearing a broke-in tee, I was fine with it.

I had saw the jitter glitter idea on Pinterest months ago.
I knew Kensley would love anything glitter related, but I changed the poem a wee bit to fit our family.

{Glitter under the pillow as the original poem reads = disaster with my OCD cleaning style}

Throughout the day I kept hearing her reassure herself that "absolutely, positively, everything is going to be alright!

And this next picture just chokes me up.  Eight years ago, right after my Dad had a heart attack,
I made a barter with God to let my Dad live to see his unborn grandkid make it to Kindergarten...
well guess what?

The time has come!

Dad came to the house and watched Nolan, but Nolan will be joining us at CC,
but will be in the nursery AKA as his big boy class.

I only took two quick snapshots.  Looking back, of course I wish I had taken more.
Kensley ate a Lunchable, as did Lexi and Bre.

She has told everyone that lunch was her favorite part... who would have guessed!?!

On the way home we celebrated with waffle cones!


Melinda said...

Yay for CC!! I'm so glad we're on this journey together! Our first official class is this Thursday and I'm so nervous!! This whole homeschooling experience is new to me and I just pray I cover all the bases :-) Hope you have a wonderful year and if you stumble across anything that's helpful...let me know!!!

Tina Louise said...

I can't believe how big the kids are getting!! Please know that you are constantly in my heart and prayers. Love ya very much lady!! Tina