Public School vs. Home School

Kensley is into facial masks.  Make that, Kensley is very into facial masks.

Today, like every other day, she begged for a mask directly after waking up.

Side note: Nolan now greets her when she comes out of her room with the sweetest phrase.
"Good Morning Princess!"  Yes, it is heartbreakingly cute.

Our family is going through a stressful time, so I was looking for any excuse to have a little fun!

Personally, I think we look more like zombies than relaxed little ladies... but that's just me!

After breakfast, it was time to 'start our day' which means get dressed and start school.
Kensley questioned if I was going to allow her to wear her mask.  It wasn't hurting anything so I let her.

After a few minutes, she asked me if she went to public school, would she be allowed to wear a mask to school.  
I explained that there is no way the school system would allow a distraction so great in the classroom.

Without skipping a beat she replied, "Then I want to continue to be home schooled."

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