Kensley's {Actual} Birthday

 We wanted to do something special on Kensley's actual Birthday (July 18th) and she had been asking to go back to the movies, 
so Rob took off work early and we took the kids to watch Despicable Me 2.

Wearing yellow and blue; dressed like little minions.

Talia called to talk to the Birthday girl on our way to Charleston and Kensley thought she was pretty special!

FIVE celebratory honks at 2:38 p.m.


The movie was showing in theater FIVE.  How cool was that!?!

 And now you know where Nolan gets his silly picture poses from... his Daddy.
Clearly Rob wasn't asleep; just couldn't pose for a 'normal' shot I guess :(


No matter how old she is, she will ALWAYS be her Daddy's angel. 

As we were getting ready for bed, Kensley noticed the sunset.
Joy overtook her and I questioned what she was thinking about.

She said, "God remembered my Birthday and even painted the sky PINK... just for me!"

Happy Birthday, little wonder.  With Jesus in your heart you will go far!

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