Fluff { Sensory Dough }

While perusing Pinterest late one night, I stumbled upon a new {to us} recipe.

Mix cornstarch and shaving cream
I'm sure somewhere on Pinterest, someone has a fancy-shamcy graphic that tells you what to do, 
but being the impulsive person that I am, I just starting mixing the ingredients together. 

It is my personal opinion that the white fluff kept the best texture, but our kids have come to expect 
that food coloring and/or paint must be used in every activity in order for it to be fun!
{I used washable finger paint to tint the dough.}



The silky smooth texture was amazing,

To date, this has been the EASIEST thing to clean up and didn't get the kids, or their clothes, dirty.
Next time I'm by a Dollar Store I will stock up on shaving cream.  This was a total success.


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Remember: Messy memories are the ones that last!

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