Cupcakes Can Turn A Frown Upside Down

My dad was recently in the hospital for a week.
{I'm guessing if you ask him, he'd tell you it felt like an eternity.}

Upon hearing the news, the kids were anxious to visit him.
Kensley chose to wear her fanciest outfit.  She had to look good for her Papaw!

Kensley made my Dad a little get well present.

This ladybug {who slightly resembles my Dad} totally melts my heart.
She made it all by herself.  As in, she helped herself to some paint and paintbrush... without asking.
I wish I had snapped a picture of the back of the ladybug.  It is covered with XOXO's all over.

I mean seriously, how could I get upset for not asking about the paint when I saw how cute it turned out!?!

I was so proud of how well my parents did explaining to the kids how FUN hospitals can be.
Dad raised/lowered the bed like a roller coaster; as you can see, everyone enjoyed it!

Kensley liked wearing the compression things you put on your legs to prevent blood clots.
Of course, Mom's sounds made things even sillier.

Oh the joys of a 'land line' phone.  Lots of silly prank calls were made.

Searching for some guidance in God's word.
A verse that our family is holding onto is, Philippians 4:7.  

The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, 

will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Oh our little Diva.  

Yes, it's been well over 90 degrees this past week.

Yes, that's a fur coat Kensley's wearing.

Yes, the nurses thought that she was adorable.

The past week has been hard.  Very hard if I want to be truthfully honest.

Often I found myself falling into a dark place.  A place where I didn't want to be.
But a place I simply didn't have enough emotional strength to pull myself out.

Then my dear friend Ashley and her girls stopped by with a little bag of sunshine!

This picture doesn't do our thoughtful gift justice.  It was wrapped beautifully.
Some of the edible goodies were instantly consumed before I got a chance to snap a picture of them.

Thanks Ashley, baking cupcakes with the kids was the perfect distraction that we all needed!

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