Betsy Ross, You Are An Inspiration!

After purchasing a headband from a friend at church, I wanted Kensley to have a matching outfit.

The biggest problem was most boutique-looking outfits cost upwards of $50.
{Not in my budget for something she would only wear once... for a few hours}
Another huge set back was there simply wasn't time to order anything.
I was left with no choice but to get my craft on!

I couldn't find anything on Pinterest to copy so I just kind of came up with my own thing.
I wanted ruffles.  Lots of ruffles.  Kensley would have been content with chevron spandex.

I'm not a good sewer.
I don't measure.
I don't use patterns.
I don't use pins.
I just start creating.

This is what I ended up with!



 The back is totally my favorite part!

Here in WV it's hot.  And humid.  I wanted something lightweight and airy.
I knew I would get lots of pictures at the parade of her back, so why not make it fun!?!

The best part?  It only cost under $6 for the material.

Kensley loved having something 'custom' that fit only her.
Seeing her smile, made the hassle of the bobbin coming undone 147,395,702 times worth it!

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