Baden Ice Cream Social

The weekend before last, we met my parents at a good old fashioned ice cream social.
And by 'old fashioned' I mean the ice cream was homemade. 

After everyone enjoyed their sweet treats, the kids played at the adjoining park.


Nolan can free hang for 8 seconds...

Kensley can free hang for 6 seconds...

And I (WHILE LAUGHING) only lasted a mere 2 seconds.
The kids aren't letting me forget that they are stronger than their Mama!


After falling off/down the fire pole, Kensley was smart to ask for help with the monkey bars.

Rob has a way with kids.  He's great with them.  That means anywhere and everywhere we go, kids flock to him.  
This day was no different.  It amazes us how adults just turn loose of their kids and expect us to watch and entertain them.  

This little fella loved Rob so much he hopped in our family picture!

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