4th of July Parade {2013}

We are blessed to continue to live in Ripley.  Not only is it a wonderful city for Rob's employment,
they hold the record for the United States "largest small town 4th of July celebration".

Kensley was dressed and ready to get her some candy!!!! 

The Mountaineer; our state's mascot.


Nana and Nolan

Our sweet Kensley kept yelling 'tiara' to all of the princesses expecting that they would
take their crowns off and throw them to her.  Oh how I love the innocence of a child!

Showing my Dad her new necklace; she's our little diva!

Sneaking a little snack.

Our church's float.  Kevin did an amazing job portraying Jesus!

Woo hoo!  High-fives from Ms. Helen!

Kensley's reaction to having a CRY BABY for the first time!


Like always, the horses wrap up the end of the parade.

Check out their loot!

After the parade we had a little get together with 25 of our closest friends and family.
{Guess I was too busy to take any pictures}
It's not a party until you have your guests ride the mini bike, right?
Emily did an amazing job!  Totally a natural!


The mini bike got the best of Mark.
Two days later, he is STILL sore after his little incident.

Yes.  That is the throttle grip in his hand!
While lying on the ground in too much pain to move,
Kensley decided it would be a good idea to put worms on him.
Oh, Markey, our kids sure do love you!
What happened next can't be disclosed on the blog.
Trust me.  It was funny.  And borderline unsafe.
Look closely at Rob's shirt... the tacky flag one... that it just one of many holes burnt in it.
We ended the day by meeting up at our church's new building site and watched the fireworks.

Our kids did amazing!  All day I was proud of their behavior.
It seems the older they get, the easier events like this truly are.

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Christy K. said...

I had to giggle at Rob's burned shirt... We also had some 'close calls' that night ;)