4th of July Carnival {2013}

{Our annual family picture }

We paid $40 for these hand stamps.  There was no way I wasn't going to snap a picture of them.
Insane prices I tell ya' especially charging Nolan $20.  He's a 2 year-old for crying out loud!

Oh well... sometimes memories come with a price!



Oh the personality our little Diva has.
She makes me pull my hair out smile every day!

The kids were so tickled to run into Kensley's friend Braylie.
Riding rides is fun.  But riding with a friend is even better.

The strawberry was Nolan's favorite ride this year.

I couldn't help but chuckle; this may be the only school bus our kids ever ride.
Side note:  We have continued to home school through the summer and it is working out fantastic.

This guy was very cool.  He really tried to make sure the kids had a good time and gave everyone high fives.
I wish I could say the same for the other workers.  The carnie clan just seems to get creepier every year!

Nolan rode his first mini roller coaster; so glad Braylie rode with him to help prop him up.
He wasn't tall enough but he got on so quickly the worker never stopped him.
When he got off he said it was really bumpy and that he liked it!

Surprise!  We also ran into Mark and Crystal.
Mark is still very sore after the mini bike incident that took place yesterday.

Towards the end of the evening we met up with Sophia, a friend from church. 

The carnival was a lot of fun for our kids this year.
They had wonderful behavior and were adventurous and rode everything multiple times.

My heart is overjoyed to see how many friends that our kids
have recently made that they got to enjoy the festivities with!

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Christy K. said...

Being the "cheap-o" that I am, I about had a heart attack to realize that would have cost my family $120.00!!!!! Wowzer!