Pickin' Strawberries

I took the kids strawberry picking this week!

I was amazed at how they well they picked their own; choosing only the ripe ones
and not didn't step on too many random strawberry plants.
{ Only in the south can you have bragging rights about living on John Deer Road. }
Kensley liked the JUICY ones. 
Nolan liked the BIG ones.

One of the owners couldn't believe that the kids didn't try any strawberries
while they were filling their buckets, so he picked them each one to enjoy.  

This picture reminds me of Kensley wearing her bucket as a hat last year!
Kensley's strawberry red nail polish was her favorite thing about the day.  

What a steal; $4 for all of these!
Yes.  It was hot.  Like crazy-insane hot.  With humidity.  Lots of humidity.

Would you believe that we bounced out of bed and went straight there
before even eating breakfast with hopes of beating the heat?  Clearly, it didn't work. 
When we were getting ready to leave, Kensley asked to have her picture taken with Mama Hartley.
Times like this, I really do like living in a small town and supporting the locals.

P.S.  I made 2 delicious strawberry pies.
I wish I had pictures of them, but they were inhaled eaten before I got a chance to snap a photo.

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