Myrtle Beach 2013 {Part 4: Broadway at the Beach}

Most times it is an advantage that Kensley is such a fluent reader.
Other times, it seems to bite us in the hind end.

Upon arriving at the beach cottage that my parents so generously treated us to,
Kensley began reading the coupon booklets.
Inside, she was delighted to discover that real mermaids were at the aquarium.
It didn't matter what the admission price was, she was determined that we had to go.

Excited much!?!

The sea dragons were our family's favorite.

Yes.  Sea dragons are related to sea horses... but WAY cooler!

The thing that excited Kensley the most about the mermaids were that they blew heart-shaped bubbles.

As if they needed another cool factor to persuade little girls to come visit the aquarium, right?

... to be continued...

Brace yourself for the next picture.

Grandma... if you are reading this... please please sit down.

I can't even believe that I am posting this on the world wide web for all to see, 
but it captures Kensley's innocence; one of her greatest qualities!

FYI: Broadway at the Beach is a total tourist attraction.
It's the perfect place to eat yummy food and shop at stores we don't have locally.

As we were walking, Kensley spotted Wet Willie's resturant but asked to have her picture taken.
At first I said, "No" but I could tell she was upset.
When I questioned her why it was so important she replied,
"Because I want to have my face on that mermaid's body."

Yep.  She whole-heartly believes that the sexy lady was a mermaid.

I.  Love.  Her.  Heart.

Another thing that Kensley spotted while perusing the coupon books
was a $5 off coupon for Build-A-Bear.

Although our children have limitied concepts of spending money (we are perfectly fine with that)
Kensley did know that $5 off coupon was better than $0.50 off.

You guessed it... we made memories at Build-A-Bear!
The look on her face when she picked up a limp Hello Kitty doll was priceless.
She was in shock how lifeless it appeared.  Clearly, she had a lot of learning to do.
Wishing on a heart... her reactions were precious.

I love the movement you can see in her pony tail; so happy she was twirling with her new friend.

Who knew that a stuffed animal could have so many clothing options?

Kensley's first time using a computer.
Sure, she's a whiz on her iPad, but typing on the keyboard was one of her favorite parts.

It's been a long time since we have witnessed so many HAPPY emotions at one time.

What a special event this was for us!

Feeding the fist was some of the best money that we spent on our vacation.

After dropping a few pebbles (which resembeled cat food) into the water
the fish would seriously thrash about until some of them were actually out of the water!


Totally worth $0.25.

We ended our evening at Auntie Anne's (Kensley's favorite/only begged-for resturant).
Their homestyle lemonade is delightful.
 I wish I had better pictures to share, but when it comes down to salt and butter... I don't mess around!

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