Myrtle Beach 2013 {Part 1: The Beach}

Last week our entire family met at Myrtle Beach.
When I say entire family, I mean my entire family.
Parents, brother, cousins, Aunt and Uncle, Gradparents... you get the idea... everyone!

The trip went much better than Rob and I could have ever dreamed.
Our kids are total 'beach babies' and we are already trying to figure out when we can go back.

As to be expected, thousands {yes litterally} pictures were taken
so the next few posts will be all about our trip.

Disclaimer: The salty water is so hard on cameras.
I would take my camera out for a few minutes at a time and quickly put it away.

One of the greatest gifts my mom has ever given me is capturing me in photographs with my kids.
I take thousands and thousands of pictures of my family but rarely end up in a few.
Although I am very uncomftable in front of the camera, now that we are settled back at home,
I'm forever greatful for these pictures that trigger such happy memories.








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Christy K. said...

Was Nolan's sand digger a huge hit??? Kensley looks like she had a lot of fun and looks like a beach girl!