Making Memories With a PINK Heart

In our house we 'do' bribes.  Lots of them.  Mostly small/cheap ones.  
I asked the kids to let me take their picture I would would show them a surprise.
Hooray!   Once again the bribe worked!
The surprise: a baby turtle.

I was driving down our road when I spotted the little thing.
I pulled over, ran back to where I saw it, picked him up, put him in the car and headed back home.
The kids were oblivious to the entire episode... which worked out perfectly to my advantage!
Kensley insisted that the turtle needed some spinach.  I think it was too scared to eat.
It took a long time for it to gain the courage to come out of it's shell.
Want to know how I eventually made it do it?

Contrary to popular belief, a turtle's shell is the most sensitive part of their bodies.
If you gently rub their shell, they will come out and begin to fail their limbs as if they are swimming.

It's rather cute... you should try it sometime.
Rob came home from work and was surprisingly delighted to meet our new friend.
He also taught Kensley how to make the turtle give her five.
As if having a baby turtle to play with wasn't enough fun for one afternoon,
as usual I had a little trick up my sleeve!
Yep!  I had her help paint a heart on the turtle's shell.

We have a lot of turtles around the Winter Ranch and I thought it would be interesting to see
if there is actually just a few that reappear often or if we have as many as I think we may.
{Notice the pink blanket?  I snagged it for $0.25 this week at local thrift store.  Cha-Ching!}
What better way to be identified than with a pale pink heart, right?
If only the little thing would have held still we could have added a splash of glitter.
Oh well.  This girl was super happy with the 'project' none the less.
But in the end... Daddy trumps Mama... every time.
Motorcycle rides are more cool than painting turtles in Kensley's book.
I can't wait to see if this little thing sticks around the Winter Ranch for a while!

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