God's Creation

While driving the other day, Kensley excitingly shouted at Nolan,

"Hey Bud!  Check out those trees out my window. 
Do you see them?
God created them just for you and me to look at.
Isn't His creation beautiful?"
Instantly my heart was proud.
I was proud that everywhere Kensley goes she speaks of God's goodness!

Later that afternoon, while we were still driving
{I told you I'm a stay at home Mom who never stays at home}
She drew Nolan's attention again to her window.

"See those beautiful flowers?
God made those for us too!"
Ad then... I heard what I never dreamed I would hear.
"Mom, can you take our picture by God's flowers?"

Don't think I didn't turn around, probably without signaling, and take full advantage this opportunity.

In that moment, I was reminded once again, that we need to slow down.
Life turns into a whirlwind of a rush most days,
but I never want to be too busy that I don't enjoy God's creation!

Their sweet, uniquely different, personalities just make me smile!

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