Fruit Roll Up

Can you guess why our Little Miss is so happy?
 The smile on her face is because the first of our three tadpoles turned into a frog today.
Yesterday it had stumps for front arms.  This morning it still had a long tail.
 This afternoon... poof... I looked inside their little make-shift tank and I found the smallest frog ever!
When I asked the kids what it's name should be, Nolan was quick to say, "Fruit Roll Up."

So folks, there you have it.  We have a frog named Fruit Roll Up!
Kensley was a bit disappointed; she wanted it to be big so that she could carry it around and rock it like a baby.
 I can't capture it's true size.  It's insane-small, I tell ya'.

I can't wait for the next two tadpoles to complete their metamorphosis transformation.

A special thanks goes to my Mom's friend, Karen, who gave us the tadpoles out of her pond.


UPDATE:  Fruit Roll Up didn't last 12 hours until it escaped.
Yes.  The make-shift tank was in Kensley's school room.
Yes.  I have a miniature frog roaming {freely} around my house.

No matter how hard we try, we were never meant to be 'pet people'.

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