Frog Fearing Fella

'Fair is fair' and since we lost the last frog just hours after photographing it and bringing it back inside,
{insert rolling eyes... no I still haven't found it yet}
Nolan got to hold the next tadpole that turned into a frog today!

The only problem was, he was terrified of it.

Yes, I realize it is the size of a water drop,
but there was no way I could talk him into holding it.

Holding it on a rock was the best he could do... until it moved.  
I'm certain his girlish-screams were heard around the neighborhood.
 Watching it hop and swim in its own little area made Nolan happy!

 We still have one remaining tadpole that yet to fully transform, but it is so close.
I decided before we lose another frog in the house, we better just set these two little critters free.

This is the best dressed Frog Fearing Fella this side of the Mississippi.  
My sweet friend Devon passed along this outfit to us; perfect for today!


Jennifer said...

Good luck on the frog hunting!

Melinda said...

Oh my goodness...that Nolan is soooo cute!!! I don't blame him about not wanting to hold the frog. They do give you warts and all :-) And my neighbors would hear girlie screams from me if my girls lost a frog in the house!!

Christy K. said...

His frog outfit is just too perfect for this post!