What Has Nolan Been Up To?

Nolan's latest obsession has been backhoes... or come to think of it... any excavating equipment.
He's a typical 2-year old boy who insists on dressing himself and plays hard; he has the bruises to prove it.
While Kensley and I do school, he plays with his cars.
He will spend hours detailing each vehicle with a baby wipe.
He's not too young to learn to take care of his things!
He is easily persuaded to play dress up - fancy shoes are still his favorite.
Fear not, around other little boys he has to show off his scars.
Nolan likes to paint and is constantly making masterpieces for Rob.
He is using his right hand more and more, but still does more accurate work with his left.
The 'Terrible Twos' phase is making itself known.
We brought the flowers in from the porch due to the frost advisory.
Nolan was instructed: Do.  not.  touch.  the.  flowers.
When I got out of the shower, I discovered that he disobeyed
and not only did he pick some flowers, he pulled the entire plants out by their roots.
(I later discovered three more plants that had been 'attacked' that are not photographed here)
While in time out, he quickly falls asleep which only proves one thing... he still needs a nap!

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