What Has Kensley Been Up To?

Our church held a special service last month; Kensley hasn't been the same since.
Her good days are now outnumbering the bad.  Thank you Jesus for your healing touch!
Kensley remains the definition of "Daddy's Girl".
Here, they are measuring the grass.  Yes.  Rob is crazy yard guy this year.
Water beads still prove to be a beneficial sensory activity.
"Wishing Flowers" have been a favorite pass time this spring.
While dandelions are in their golden blooms, Kensley calls them "Wedding Flowers".
Kensley is quickly excelling in school.  She is in K, 1st, and 2nd grades depending on the subject.
Yes... she is four!
And here you can see a new FAVORITE... girlie shoes.
{ The taller the heels the better }
She has gotten 6 new pairs of shoes this past month.
I'm not complaining; thrilled to have a healthy kid who is growing!

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