Her Shirt Says It All; Dress Up Surprise

After curling Kensley's hair more fancy than usual, I told her that we had a fun surprise planned.
A dear friend of the family, Vickie, cleans houses and one of her clients makes custom dress up boxes.

* This surprise was one that every little girl must dream of, right? *

I love this shot.  Nolan asked to be in it.
I thought 'no' at first since this was Dit Dee's, as he calls her, special day.
I am SO glad I quickly changed my mind!


 Clearly, her shirt says it all!

After arriving at Ms. Jane's house, we told Kensley why she was there and led her to the studio.
I'm telling you - this experience was amazing; I have never saw so much dress up clothes at once.

 Kensley got to pick out every piece on her own; wouldn't you know she chose PINK of everything!
 And for those of you who were wondering, yes, Nolan got a pair of new shoes too!

Note:  I would like to draw your attention to the first photo with Nolan and Kensley.
Go ahead and scroll up.  You know you want to.

Take a close look at his left hand... yes... he's holding a backhoe.
It's proof that he's 'normal'.  He just happens to have a very strong shoe obsession.

Kensley was loaded with every PINK accessory imaginable!

{ Her first clip-on ear rings }

Our little pink-loving diva!

Kensley also received a fancy box to store all of her items in.  

Ms. Jane's generosity floored me.  I know what these boxes retail  for online.
And I also know that she spoiled Kensley more than what she includes in her usual orders.
I am forever grateful for the proof that good people still exist.

But I am just as thankful for Vickie, who shared our little girl's testimony with a stranger.
She loves our kids like her grandkids; constantly thinking of them.
After a stressful week, this is just the distraction that we all needed!

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