Friday afternoon, the kids and I met my parents at a campground about an hour away.
Nolan was napping and Kensley took full advantage of having Mamaw all to herself!
{ Melt.  My.  Heart. }
Fritos... they always make Kensley smile :)
Nolan is very into fire.  I knew little boys liked fire... just not at age 2.
My parents reserved a spot right beside a swing set and sand pile.
Perfect, easy, entertainment for the kids.
Nolan was SO PROUD of his little sand castles. 
Wait for the beach Buddy; I will teach you how to build a REAL sandcastle!
Walking to the fish & frog pond.
Don't let my Mom's capris fool you.
It was freezing.  No, I'm serious, temperatures were down in the 30s.


There was another swing set to play on nearby as well. 
Although the campground didn't feel very rural to me, it was perfect to entertain kids.
This is one of my favorite pictures of my Mom with my kids
even with the random junk in the background. 
The lady that lives at the campground and handles the business, has a rabbit who recently had babies.
Kensley, along with another little girl, got to feed the rabbit special pretzels. 
The babies were so cute and so soft.
We played a few games while dinner was cooking.  Pass The Pigs is always a family favorite.
 Proof of Kensley eating watermelon; way to go Kensley!
And then came the watermelon seed spitting contest; clearly I lost... big time!
Getting warm by the fire.
Cookin' his own dinner; campfire hot dogs are one of his favorites.
Clarification: I. Did. Not. Eat. A. Hotdog.

It's been 24 years - I'm good for another 24!

{My Dad fixed me a steak because he loves me.}

Due to it being so cold, I chickened out and headed back home to sleep in my nice, warm bed.
I'm glad I did.  We woke up to find a light frost; I wasn't kidding about it being freezing.
The kids got to have a slumber party in my parents camper... that has a heater.
Rob and I headed back to the campground early Saturday morning and Rob enjoyed a delicious breakfast. 
My mom is an amazing cook, even in a camper. 
My mom is seriously Wonder Woman. 
The only thing I've ever found out she can't do is drive an injured person
in a wheelchair without running into things... but that's a whole other post!

Kensley had to show her Daddy the bunnies we previously visited...
and feed them a {you guessed it} PINK pretzel. 
After my parents got everything packed up, we ventured about the campground and went exploring.

The kids made sand art while Mom prepared lunch.
I'm serious.  My mom thinks of everything.  She is so fun!
Despite having no makeup and not styling my hair, this picture makes me happy.
Not only because everyone looks happy, but because of the memories it will bring to mind.

Camping is hard work.  So much work, we took the easy way out.
But my parents didn't.
They spent hours cleaning, organizing, packing and unpacking
so that they could make memories with our kids.

I'm so glad that they aren't lazy like me.
In a few years I know I will regret all of the times I didn't try 100%.

So next time... I'll  sleep in a tent and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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