Born With A Purpose

Sadly, Rob and I know couples who have had babies when their relationships were rocky.
Whoever thinks that less sleep and less money is going to fix their issues, clearly is CRAZY!
Despite their last ditch efforts, their marriages ultimately ended in divorce... with another child involved.

Those precious babies were born for a purpose... to save their struggling relationship.
I think it's wrong.  Kids should not be born for a purpose, nor should they be used as pawns.

With that being said, I strongly believe that Nolan was born with a purpose.

As we were racing around trying to get ready for church, he came out of his room and said,
"Surprise!  Me look like Pastor Chris!"
{Clearly Chris is the only one he knows who wears a tie.}

At any rate, Nolan agreed to letting me take his picture.

As I was starting to photograph him, I noticed he was distracted.
He quickly walked away from me and went to Kensley.

With the greatest compassion I have ever saw, he took Kensley by the hands and stopped her from spinning.
In that sweet moment, it hit me.

"When I discipline, does my face look as loving his?"

I quickly became embarrassed just imagining what my littles must see when I correct them.

Ugggh.  Another area of Mommyhood to work on.

Jesus has a plan and Nolan has a purpose!

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Dana Kangas said...

Precious. Thanks for something to think about today.