Yogurt Mountain

Kensley asked if we could go get a special treat this afternoon before one of her appointments.

I asked her why she wanted to go.  She was quick to reply,
 "Because I want to use the tongs... all by myself."

Trying to embrace every opportunity to celebrate life, we went!

 Yes.  She got to use the tongs and the scoops... all by herself.

This picture totally makes me giggle; I have *no* idea why she has a spoon.
Kensley loves to go to Yogurt Mountain but refuses to eat frozen yogurt.

Proof!  She just chose a bowl full of toppings!

 Nolan was too busy to eat trying to catch the attention of all the old ladies.

We browsed around Books-A-Million (the store that hosts Yogurt Mountain)
and Nolan began to BEG me for these shoes.

No, he didn't win.  Clearly we already have dress up shoes like those
and he doesn't need to be wearing pink boa shoes.

Next time we are at the Gap I promised him I would buy him these.
They seem a little more fitting, don't you think!?!

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Christy K. said...

Made me giggle!