Thou Shall Not Steal

It's a safe assumption that most of my readers already know that the 8th Commandment is,
"Thou shall not steal".

When I think of stealing I think of taking something that isn't mine or taking it without paying for it.

{Imagine this:  You tell the cashier that you have a case of water on the bottom of the buggy at the grocery store.
You *finally* make it to your car with your two tantruming kids to discover that she never charged you
and now you wearily drag the aforementioned screaming children back into the store to pay $3.17 for the water
so that you can sleep well at night.  Sound about right?  We've all been there.}

But what if I told you that I steal... every day... multiple times every day?!?

Before you jump on Facebook and call me a thief, please let me explain.

This past weekend, I attended a home school convention with a friend, who I now feel is like a best friend.
{Yes.  Ashley and I posed for a picture in Ikea because we are cool like that.}

While I was at the conference, it was wonderful to be surrounded and encouraged
by other Christian Moms who have found themselves in our shoes;
desiring the best for our children by ways of educating in our homes so that our children receive a biblical education.

Clearly we will have to hire a personal tutor for spelling and grammer.

I digress.  Hang on.  I have a point.  I'm getting there.

At the convention there are vendors everywhere set up selling curriculums,
CDs/DVDs, games, toys, books.  You get the idea.

One of the speakers was selling a simple little devotion book.
Knowing it would be perfect for breakfast time with the kids, I picked it up.

When I turned to page 13, (always has been my favorite number) I began to read.

The verse comes from Ecclesiastes 3:1

"There is an appointed time for everything."

I've read that before.  I'm doing good.

So why do I consider myself a thief?

The devotion fell under the category of punctuality.

The definition, as listed in this book reads:

Punctuality is managing my time so I do not waste the time of others. 

(Not being on time steals from others.)

Uggggh.  Did she really have to use the word 'steal'?

I feel confident that I am punctual most times.
If I have an appointment, I try to arrive 10-15 minutes early.

But.  Then it hit me.  What about my morning devotions with God?
I have good intentions everyday but somewhere between sleep deprivation and
a certain kid requiring my full attention way too early,
I often fall short of what God and I's daily appointments.

By being late in my seeking and worshiping Him... I ultimately steal from Him.

God has really been convicting me over my management of time.
I struggle with telling others 'no' and over-committing myself.
As a result our family has also sacrificed.

I often find myself standing at the sink washing dishes when a little one comes up and asks for help.
Without thinking I reply, "I'll help you in just a minute."

Before I know it, I have finished the dishes, sifted through the stack of mail, swept the crumbs up off the floor
and found myself standing in front of the fridge desperately trying to come up with an idea for dinner.

My "I'll help you in just a minute" has now turned into a half an hour.

How do I expect to teach our children the principles of time, if I can't properly demonstrate it?

I am focusing on telling the kids, "I'll help you after I finish the dishes."
Or "This is important to Mama, when I am finished doing this, I will be ready to play with you."

There's no need to complain about just how busy of a life that we really live.
We.  Are.  All.  Busy.

But will we admit to being too busy?

Too busy for God?

Tomorrow is a new day.  It's a new start.  It's the perfect time to regroup and prioritize your life.

"I will walk in freedom, for I have devoted myself to your commandments."  Psalm 119:45

Yes.  Even Commandment #8.  Thou shall not steal!

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Christy K. said...


Way to hit it home for me. I guess I needed to hear this :/

Thank you, friend.