. { Same } .

Around The Winter Ranch there are always projects going on.

This week was no different.

Rob has been working hard hauling dirt and leveling off a play place for the kids.
We have intentions of getting a new wooden swing set and a few other fun ideas.

Although the kids have enjoyed the recent warm weather, rain and cooler temperatures are in the forecast.
As the sprinkles started this morning, I let the kids run outside and play in the last remaining dirt pile!

Kensley has recently shown an interest of playing restaurant and taking orders on her menu

 Ta-Da!  { A plate full of spaghetti }


 Why I didn't stop her I'm still unsure, but as you can clearly see, she fed Nolan her 'pretend' spaghetti.

Clearly we need to better understand the concept of 'pretend'.
And why is that he will eat manure-enriched dirt... but won't touch a chicken nugget or piece of pizza?

Do you think this dump truck looks vaguely familiar?  It should!

Same Tonka truck.    Same little boy.    Same proud Mama.

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macebabe said...

Kensley looks so grown up!!!!