I Used To Yell: Past Tense

Pinterest has been an amazing source of information for our family.
Not only have I found awesome ideas to do with the kids for holidays,
snacks almost cute enough for Kensley to eat and organizing ideas to make our life easier,
I also found a link to a blog that quite possibly has changed our lives!
Intrigued by the title, I had to investigate more.  First click, I was hooked!

I wouldn't consider myself a full-blown 'yeller'.  
Sure, I had my moments, but to say I yelled AT the kids ALL day would be a stretch. 
 But when I did yell, I felt terrible.
Often times I would raise my voice, not really at them, but at the frustrating situation we were in. 
 We were late, I felt out of control, no one was listening, I was hungry... you get the point.

When I was able to step back and realize that 98% of the time I got angry and yelled,
it was over stuff that wasn't even fault of our kids.  Ouch!

So... March 28th, 2013, I woke up and decided that I was finished yelling.  I wasn't going to do it.
{Don't be confused - there are still some 'abrupt attention getters' in particular situations such as
Nolan almost falling down the porch stairs, Kensley putting a knife in her mouth, touching a hot pan, etc.}

After books before bed last night, I heard the kids scurring around.  In my prior yelling days, 
I would have been quick to walk into the room and rattle off how it was time for bed.

But I held my tounge.

I wanted to know what was so important that would make them think it was okay to get up out of bed.

What I heard through the cracked door of Kensley's room melted my heart.
She had gotten out a book of prayers and was reading them to Nolan.

I had forgotten to pray with them.  And worse than that, I was ready to yell at them for being
"disrespectful and disobeying me and not going to bed when I instructed them it was time."

In the past 2 weeks I have learned more about my kids than I could have ever dreamed.  
It saddens me to think I should have done this sooner.
I wonder how many opportunities like this that we have missed out on because 
I have been too quick to redirect them to the task at hand.

Today is a new day.  A new beginning.  A perfect time for you to take the challenge with me!

"And he sat upon the throne and said, Behold, I make all things new.
And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful."  Revelation 21:5

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