Her Eyes Are a Portal To a World of the Unknown

A surprised friend recently commented,

"Wow!  Kensley really doesn't look at you when you take her picture, does she?
By reading your blog, I would have never guessed!"

The truth is, she doesn't look at me often.
She smiles easily, but constantly looks to the left.

We have dilligently worked for 4.5 years for Kensley's eye contact.
She is getting there one small glance at a time.
But it is forced.  It looks fake... and even painful.

Kensley told me this morning that she would take pictures if I took her to Chuck E Cheese.
Sounded like a good deal to me!

There are days when I feel like I don't really 'know' Kensley.
But one thing is for sure - when she's ready to do something - it is always on her time schedule.
And there you have it, folks.
{ Our sweet Kenny girl }
With catch lights in her eyes.
The one that makes us so proud!

{ What a difference 4 years makes! }

You need a little preface before the next picture.
I have spent HOURS preparing for the 'perfect' shoot and have left empty handed and heart broken.
My best advice for picture-taking is: HAVE NO EXPECTATIONS.

I often get frustrated and think to myself... it shouldn't have to be this hard.
I leave sweating and she is crying.  Sounds like fun, huh?
Every holiday the *only* thing I request is a family picture.
And every holiday... I think, "Maybe next year."

So... When Kensley made the barter at 7:30 this morning that she would work for tokens,
I snatched Nolan out of bed and began to head to the State Farm office who has beautiful daffodils in bloom.

Kensley questioned where Nolan's outfit was.
I didn't have the heart to tell her I wasn't photographing him since he is so easy.
I found it simpler to run back in the house, grab his clothes, pacifying her so that she didn't start crying
and I would then have to Photoshop all the red patches off her face.

After a few painless photos, I began to get back in the car with Kensley.
She again questioned where Nolan's suit was.
When I ask her why, she informed me that she needed a picture with him.

Ugggggh.  Lost.  Cause.  Never.  Going.  To.  Work.  Whatever.
Might as well try it since we were already there, right?

Viola!  { My heart exploded with joy. }

Sure, there's lots of things I would have done differently about this pose,
but it was Kensley's shoot, and I let her do it her way.
And I love the end result; our first 'good' picture with both kids looking and smiling!

  //  ..  //  Just so that you know I kept my end of the bargain  //  ..  //

 {Real steam coming out of the train}

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