{ Time Change }

Kensley, a creature of habit, has a hard time with changes in her schedule.

We recently 'sprang forward'; who knew one hour could make such a big difference?

{Confession: I had consult Google to see if it was more appropriate to use 'sprang' or 'sprung' in the above sentence.}

Sunday night she claimed 'Mama, I can't sleep because I'm lonely'
and was up begging to look at Pinterest... 2.5 hours after her usual bedtime.

Nolan, our crazy-insane easy kid, went to bed without any problems!

Although he's an extreme flopper and never stays situated how we tuck him in,
at least he goes to bed... and stays in bed... without a fight.

It's just a phase for Kensley, right?

That's what I have told myself the past 9 time changes!

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