Praise You In This Storm

We are striving to teach our kids to praise God through the good and the bad.
It's easy to worship when everything is going great in our {busy} lives.
But when things don't go our way, it's easy to fall into a funk and be negative.

PRAISE YOU IN THIS STORM by Casting Crowns is an amazing song I often listen to
reminding myself to praise Him even if I don't 'feel' like it when things come crashing down.

Kensley's card ministry is a way that she praises Jesus through sending others an encouraging word.
I often order in bulk from Day Spring since we use so many cards so quickly.
Today, another shipment arrived to both Kensley's and I delight!

Moments after opening the box full of goodies, Kensley announced that her belly hurt.
I hated that.  I knew how ecxited she was to make cards for people who were placed on her heart.

Then it hit me... we are going to praise Him in this storm.

I tucked her in bed, with her doll Sabrina, and began to bring supplies to her room.
We created a make-shift table {Thank you Rachel Ray}
and she began designing her masterpieces with markers and jewel stickers.

After she finished her cards she exclaimed, "Mama!  My belly doesn't hurt anymore!"


Rob was quick to share with Kensley that because she made cards for other people
 who weren't feeling well, even when she wasn't feeling well, Jesus healed her belly.

Don't you just love that we serve a God that shows up on time... every time!?!


Christy K. said...

Look at her writing! Very neat! Great job with your letters, Kensley!

Dana K. (I mean Anonymous) said...

I thought I saw Naomi's name on one of the cards. ;-)