John 37

Kensley is still very into making cards, letters and packages for anyone and everyone she meets.
My personal favorite is the time she gave our waiter at the local Mexican restaurant a  'Happy First Birthday' card.
He was struggling to read it in English... let alone understand why she gave it to him.

Of the hundreds thousands of things that Kensley has ever created... this has touched me the most.
She wrote "Rory" all by herself on my card.
{If you are new to our family's blog, Rory is my nickname that only Rob calls me.}

But the cute card isn't why this post is so special.  Notice her hand?

She asked if she could have a pen... to write on herself.  Of course, I was quick to snap, "NO"!

She then informed me that she wanted to write a verse on her hand like I had written James 1:19 on my hand this past summer.

Floored that she remembered the exact verse, I told her she could write whatever passage she wanted.  

She quickly scampered to her school room and wrote her scripture on her tiny little hand.

When I asked her what verse it was she said, "John 37."

I then questioned, "John 37 what?"

She said "John 37:7".

Anyone who has any Bible knowledge knows that John doesn't contain 37 chapters.  
However, if you switch the numbers around and look up John 7:37 this is what you will read,

"If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.  
He that believes in me, as the scripture has said, 
out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water."

Did you catch that?  Living Water.

** Rob and I instantly got good bumps **

Living Water is the new church that our family stepped out in faith and helped start just 3 months ago.

The choice to leave our former church was the greatest decision Rob and I have ever made as a couple.  
Lots of changes meant lots of tears for our family.  We stood firm to where we felt God was leading us.   
Our congregation has more than tripled and we have never been so spiritually filled.

Kensley, who thrives from routines, schedules and consistency, has struggled with praising Jesus in a new facility.
Every service she questions why we don't meet at our former church.
Although I have tried to be patient with her and repeatedly explain that we follow Jesus instead of a particular lead pastor,
I was growing weary but I continued to pray for her acceptance.  

Last Wednesday, as I drove the kids to church {Rob goes early for Praise Team practice},
I dreaded the questions from Kensley as to why we chose the relocate our family.

But guess what!?!

She.  never.  asked.  a.  single.  question.

Instead she excitedly told me who she was going to hand her cards out to first!


I am so thankful for the scripture/number that Jesus placed in our little girls mind and the peace that He has given her.

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