I Serve A Risen Savior

This year we tried to steer away from candy, specifically gluten,
so we chose to hide Legos in Easter eggs for the kids.


The kids were anxious to discover what pieces were hiding inside.
 Nolan seemed a bit confused and said that the Lego men were Jesus inside the tomb.
 Kensley was very interested in all the accessories for the people.

 They spent the rest of the day creating with Legos.
I was amazed at how well Kensley could build.

Through Legos, we have seen more pretend play than we have with any other toy.
Watch out world, we may just have an Engineer or Architect on our hands!
 This morning the kids couldn't wait to see their Easter goodies spread out on the couch.
Can you believe it?  I stuck to my guns and provided our family a candy-free Easter!
 The helicopter totally excited Nolan!
 Lalaloopsies were a big deal to Kensley this year.
I loved seeing the excitement on her face as she rushed to Rob to show him her "Daddy's Girl" shirt.
After they opened their presents, we had a quick and easy bunny breakfast.
 Nolan enjoyed his donuts as well as Kensley's.
 Silly straws are quickly becoming a favorite at our house... especially holiday themed ones.
I got the kids ready for church; didn't Nolan look spiffy!?!
We had a *record breaking* 187 in attendance at Living Water Church today.
15 weeks ago we had 31.  Look at us now!  God is moving in our community!
A reason why we had so many visitors was because it was "Pack a Pew" Sunday.
Prizes were awarded to different age groups depending on who brought the most guests.
Kensley {crying} praying to Jesus that she would WIN.
The kids invited some friends; so glad that Christy and her family could make it!
Including Rob's Mom and brother, we had 10 visitors.
 * They won! *    *They won! *    *They won!*

Once I saw her praying, I kind of knew it was a done deal.
Kensley has a closer relationship with Jesus than almost anyone I know.
Nolan's.  Face.  Cracks.  Me.  Up.  I can just SEE what he is thinking!

"Pastor Chris, I have *no* idea why you are congratulating Kensley.  
We all know she is afraid of battery operated toys.  
It's MY car.  I'M the one who will drive it!"
After a powerful message, the kids did their Easter performances.
 Kensley & Jaeli singing "Alive, Alive, Jesus is Alive"!

Kensley wrapped up the service by reading a poem.
We are so proud of her!  Jesus is still working in her life.
I can't WAIT to see what she will do for the up building of His Kingdom!
 After church there was a massive egg hunt.  And by massive, I mean over 1,800 eggs to be found!

The kids had a good time; totally overwhelmed at the sheer volume of eggs.
Both kids found 'winning' eggs with money inside, although Nolan doesn't know where his is now!

Come back soon.  I still have *more* Easter photos to edit and post!

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Jennifer said...

We did the no candy well except one little chocolate bunny I got for free at Target for them!