Clowning Around: Take 2

I promised Kensley that I would take her to see Cherie and Dave, the clowns,
again today at a different library if she got her school work done in time.
Everything was completed by 9:15 a.m.  Yes.  She got a very early start this morning.

Kensley kept telling me that she wanted to be a 'helper'.  On the hour car ride there,
I explained to Kensley that when I was a teacher I only called on kids to help
who were raising their hand, sitting still and who were smiling.  
Sure enough, when it came to the part for volunteers there was Kensley,
raising her hand, stilling still, and smiling... hoping to be called on.
Wouldn't you know; they chose Kensley!
She got to show everyone the pages as they read aloud to the kids.
Surprisingly, they put on a different show than they performed yesterday.
Today's entertainment included magic tricks!
Watching Kensley, watch Dave, made me want to giggle!
And then... the unthinkable happened. 

Kensley got chosen to be a volunteer *again*.
They juggled right in front of her face and she didn't move.
Yep - a few prayers went up on that one!
She was *so* excited at the end of the show to ask to have her picture taken with them again.
Yes.  The lighting in the library was terrible.  Yes.  She is almost as pale as Cherie in real life.
{ These sure are some big shoes to fill. }
After reading with the clowns, the kids and I met up with my Mom downtown for some ice cream at Ellen's.
Yep!  Those rainbow sprinkles are just as bright as our kids unique personalities!

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Christy K. said...

This made me tear up. Just because of how sweet she is.

(The picture of her smiling, sitting still, and raising her hand is what got me...)