Cloud 9 Cafe

Growing up, a few times a year my Dad would take me on special Father & Daughter dates.

The kind of dates I would get dressed up for in fancy clothes.
The kind of dates that Dad would often show up with flowers.
The kind of dates that taught me how I deserved to be treated.

Flash forward a few decades, and sadly our Father & Daughter dates are proving
more challenging to schedule.  Now, happily married with two kids... life is crazy...
and I always have a half-completed to do list hanging over my head.

Friday, Dad called to invite me on a long overdue 'date'!
My Dad is a private pilot and it has been years since we had flown to my favorite airport restaurant; 
Cloud 9 Cafe located at the Big Sandy Airport outside of Prestonburg, Kentucky.
We experienced more turbulence than I would have preferred during the flight down,
so I opted to skip dessert not knowing the weather conditions for the flight back.
{Totally kicking myself in the rear over that choice; they have the best orange sherbet}
No matter how old I am, when my Dad and are together, I'm always on Cloud 9!

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Dana K. said...

That is precious.