* Ballerina * Clown * Barbie *

Wednesdays are typically busy days for us as we rush around town to a variety of places!
We started our morning at the local nursing home.

{For the life of me I always mess up and call it the funeral home.  Uggggh.  Must.  Work.  On.  That.}
 Today, the kids actually got to make a craft with the seniors; sticker kites.

The reason why we go is to support Rose, a lady from our church, who ministers to the patients of the facility.
As I sat there yesterday and looked around, I couldn't help but wonder if Rose would be one of the last
people who would ever share His mercy and goodness before they pass on.  Wowzers! 
We encourage Kensley to sing; the old people just love her and often give her candy and cookies.
If you ask Kensley why she goes, she will tell you. "Jesus wants me to make the other people happy."
After she practiced her Easter song, she sang,'I'll Fly Away'; my all time favorite song!
Yes.  It was snowing outside.  Yes.  I let her dress up as a ballerina.
After a few errands and a quick outfit change, we made our way to the
 Sissonville Public Library to meet up with The Fisher Family.
 We joined Cherie and Dave Gregg, who are official Ambassadors of Laughter with
The Greatest Show On Earth for a circus-inspired reading event!
 They were AMAZING and presented a mini-circus that demonstrated how reading
is a mere jumping off point to creating your own fun by using the power of your imagination.

 ** This was Kensley's favorite trick **
 The clowns were so talented, so animated, so funny; we didn't want the show to stop!
At the end of their presentation, each child got to pick their nose!
Now there's some clown humor for ya'.  

 ** Cherie, Kensley, Bre and Lexi  **

I can't begin to tell how what a special opportunity this was for Kensley.
The clowns were so good that we are going to a different library to see their show again today.
With all the laughter, Nolan kept saying it was too loud ; anxious to see his reaction again.

We are now trying to plan a trip to the Circus next month to see them in action!
At church Kensley {dressed as Doo Wop Barbie} posed for a quick picture with her friend Sophia and Pastor Chris.

Yes.  You are correct.  She was 3 characters in an 8 hour time period.

Life is all about choosing your battles, right?

There are 'fights' I'm willing to lose because I will 'win' the big ones when it really matters!
I am SO THANKFUL to Emma and Era for passing down their dress up clothes to Kensley.
As you just saw, playing dress up just makes life more fun.

So the next time you come to our house and the floor in Kensley's bedroom looks like this...
you should now understand why!

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