A Day In The Life

I've been asked on more than one occasion,

 "How do you do it all?"  I'd love to see your daily schedule."

"You seem to have it all together, what is your life really like?"

So, my friends, here's a peak into our real life.
The one we plan, but it never goes accordingly.

Tuesdays are our days off; most other days we aren't home.
On Tuesdays we are supposed to lay around in jammies all day.  It never happens though.

Rob's alarm went off at 5:30.  Closer to 6:00 I heard him get up.
Today, I was a bad wife.  I didn't pack his lunch nor did I watch the morning news with him.
He kissed me goodbye a little before 7:00.  I got up, turned the fireplace on, turned the heating pad on,
put on the most hideous robe you have ever saw and searched for a scripture to hold onto today.

"Let your hope make you glad, be patient in time of trouble and never stop praying."  Romans 12:12
By 7:13 Both kids were up.

Told you!  Most. hideous. robe. you. have. ever. saw.
{Goes nicely with no makeup and glasses, huh?}
7:38  I began the endless task of telling Kensley to stop putting things in her mouth that aren't food items.
{The kids got about 1/2 hour of electronic time.}
Before I could do anything else, I had to feed Sparkle, the fish, who has an eating disorder.
He/She will fling himself/herself violently out of the water until you feed him/her.
I'm not kidding.  It's a real issue.  Our house is full of feeding issues.
I made the kids beds, made some necessary phone calls, answered important emails and prepared breakfast.
Did you notice the white ruffle blanket?  Another Ikea favorite!
8:06 Breakfast time.  Nolan and I typically eat some type of pasta and Kensley has been on a Cookie Crisp kick.
During breakfast I read a daytime book.  You know, one of those books that is much too long to read at bedtime!?!
8:34 Breakfast was over and the kids had free time.
I swept the floors, started laundry, straightened up some random toys and started on a mini organizing project.
 Jealous over Nolan's cool glasses, Kensley had to make Sabrina a pair.
Pretty inventive if I do say so myself.
I am a firm believer in kids learning how to entertain themselves.
No, I don't lock them in a random room and tell them not to come out,
but I find it valuable that they have an imagination... and they learn to use it.
{In case you are wondering yes, Kensley really did sleep in her sparkle tutu.}
This morning I switched out Kensley's top two shelves.
I put her small hand toys on the top of her closet shelves and traded them for board games.
 It didn't take long for me to learn that kids want to get out every toy that they see.
We limit how many they have access to and when they get traded around, they seem new all over again.
9:24  School time.  We worked on a lot of handwriting practice today.
Kensley struggles with how to properly hold a writing utensil so she uses a writing claw (sold on ebay for under $2).
One of the coolest kid inventions we have ever used.
 I only had to put Nolan in time out twice and spank him once; not a good morning for his listening skills.

10:48 School was interrupted by the postal lady delivering us our Target order.
The box quickly became more interesting than her school work.
I quickly became busy pairing up outfits with my new favorite necklace.
11:03 I sorted through my coupons and began to make a mental grocery list.
We haven't had many super yummy meals the past few days,
I avoid going to the store the first of the month at all cost.
With no milk or eggs in the fridge I realize I had no option but to rally the troops and head to Walmart.
11:39 All three of us had clean teeth, hair and clothes. 
We ran out the door before someone had a chance to get dirty. 
11:54 We finally made it to the car {with 2 stuffed animals} to find out it was raining.
I dislike grocery shopping, but I really dislike it in the rain.  I began to pray for my 'woe is me attitude'.
12:03  We placed an order at Taco Bell.  You know that you are NEVER supposed to go to the grocery store hungry, right?
Random tid bit.  I ordered a potato taco since I don't eat beef and two orders of Cini Twists for the kids...
and didn't get a single napkin!

I dunked a napkin {found in my glove box - I was a Girl Scout - I am always prepared)
in my cup of ice water and attempted to bath our children from their sugar-coated goodness
all over their faces, hands and clothes before entering the grocery store.
2:24  Wild kids and a full buggy; we left the store even though we haven't purchased everything on our list.
By the time I reached the back of the store I was much too aggravated
with a shopping cart that only had 3 wheels that turned, I just wanted out of there!
2:33 Yes, it took me 9 minutes to load my car.  There is a method to the madness.
I like my cold items together as well as heavier items on the bottom.
I recently bought 2 dozen eggs.  By the time I made it to the car, 7 of them where smashed.  Grrrrr.
2:40 We swung by Rob's work, picked up a package to be shipped, which I happened to get lodged in the drop box
because I was focused on taking a picture and wasn't watching what I was doing.
What's worse!?!  Rob did the SAME thing at the SAME drop box yesterday.
I hope the driver doesn't recognize the return address label.  We clearly have a talent for getting packages stuck!
2:44 I ran a quick errand at the bank.
3:07  The kids and I arrived home, Rob also arrived home and we unloaded the groceries.
Kensley began begging for every treat we just purchased and her new game.
Rob rushed around, brushed his teeth and headed back out the door to the dentist for a filling.
After putting the groceries away, I began to help Kensley assemble pieces to our family's new 'Mouse Trap' game.
4:00 I joined a conference call for Kensley, and began to make dinner.  {I love multitasking}

4:49 Rob arrived back home, we inhaled our salads and I rushed out the door to my hair appointment.
Kensley asked me, "Please don't come home with the same boring hair that you already have."  
Coming from the kid that doesn't like change... even she knew it was time for something different!
6:17 I was getting anxious to see my new highlights!
{This is a good example on why this isn't a real 'a day in the life post' because I haven't had my hair done in over a year - this was a special treat.}
 8:04 I arrived home to find the kids up past their bedtime and Rob teaching Nolan how to play a video game.
 Had to take a quick self-portrait so you could see the 'after' of the new me.
 8:11 Kensley wanted a picture of us together since we 'match'.  She is thrilled I look 'just like her'.
Sticking her tongue out is her favorite pose... it's the only time I let her stick her tongue out.
 While I was getting beautified, the kids figured out the 'Mouse Trap' game and wanted to show me how it worked.
8:27  A quick snack before bedtime of their usual pock, pock, as Nolan calls it.
They got to watch a bedtime show.  First time watching tv today.
We aren't that strict with the amount that they get to watch; varies day to day,
but we are very strict about the content that is in the prerecorded programs that they can see.
8:41  We brushed teeth, read books and it was time for the littles to go to bed.
Kensley asked if my hair would look the same in the morning.  I assured her that it would still be the same color.
She said, "No.  Not the same color, but can you style it like that again tomorrow?"

8:47  I got ready for bed... in the same hideous robe.
I turned on the fireplace, turned on the heating pad and began editing pictures and catching up on computer work.

Feeling a bit discouraged that I still have two loads of laundry waiting to be folded and blank picture frames in Kensley's room that still need to be filled,
I am reminded of a card my Mom sent me last month that read, 
"If God wanted you to get EVERYTHING done today, he wouldn't have made tomorrow."

11:21  I turned the lamp off and went to bed... leaving this post to finish in the morning!


Christy K. said...

1. Your Sparkle story had me CRACKING UP!

2. Jaeli needs a writing claw.

3. Your hair looks GORGEOUS!

4. I realized that I need to do a "day in the life of..." post.

5. Never had a problem with eggs. It's the twisted, stepped on loaf of bread EVERY TIME that I bring home. No matter how careful I am.

macebabe said...

Cas, I LOVE your hair!!!!!!